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Manifest intention, style and unwavering strength with my life force oversized interchangeable charms · from my Atelier de Création to You

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What makes COCOSHAI unique are my oversized interchangeable baroque/rococo charms designed to be worn above the solar plexus chakra — a powerful center of energy (life force). A COCOSHAI pendant isn't just beautiful; it is a symbol of your inner strength and a tool for manifesting your desires

COCOSHAI's MANIFESTATION Collection brings together artistry, elegance, and the power of intention to create unique pieces that resonate with those who seek to embrace their inner strength and manifest their aspirations

The jewelry I create - oversized interchangeable charms - sparks transformation, prosperity, and resilience, empowering lives with purposeful elegance

I am guided by the core principles of:  Wealth, Abundance, Elegance, Estate, and Resilience

My journey in manifesting COCOSHAI represents a tribute to my mother's legacy and a commitment to empowering individuals through luxurious and intention-driven jewelry

Philippe Claude Jean
COCOSHAI Chief Designer